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Alger Heights Neighborhood Garage Sale – Snag Deals and Meet Some Great Neighbors!

May 17, 2013

Alger Heights Garage Sale Ongoing May 17 & 18, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Alger Heights Neighborhood Garage Sale is underway, and the weather (so far) is cooperating! Throughout the streets of Alger Heights, neighbors have set up shop in their garages, driveways and front yards with trinkets that are just waiting to become your treasure! Residents and non-residents alike are invited to stop by and say hi (and browse, of course) today or tomorrow at any one of the garage sales taking place in the Alger Heights Neighborhood, which is bordered by the streets of 28th, Eastern/Oakfield, Burton and Kalamazoo.

In the meantime, Steve Volkers Group has a few tips of the trade for both browsers and sellers and when it comes to garage sales:


  • Get there early – Before the good stuff disappears!
  • Or … Get there at closing time – You never know, sellers who’ve been hawking their wares all day might be more than willing to offer you a discount on the stuff that remains in the yard, or even take some of it away for free!
  • BYOB – That stands for ‘Bring Your Own Bag.’  Plastic shopping bags will be just fine, though the reusable grocery bags with long handles and rigid bottoms are especially nice.
  • Don’t Be a ‘Bargain Bully’ – It’s fine to ask for a break on price for a particular item, but remember to be polite in your dealings. This is a neighborhood garage, after all, not the open market. Save the haggling for the bazaars.
  • Bring a friend – You can be each other’s eyes and cover more ground, especially if you have specific items in mind that you’re both looking for!
  • Leave the 100s at home, please – Most sellers will have a cash box of some sort, but that doesn’t mean they’re equipped to break your very large bill in exchange for a $2 lamp. Bring singles, and be sure to bring a little extra so you can enjoy an ice cream treat at Sweet Mellisa’s afterward!


  • Make browsers feel welcome – Music helps set the mood for a great shopping experience while eliminating the total silence that can make picking over your used goods a tad, um, awkward for visitors. While you’re at it, strike up some friendly conversation or simply give a cheerful ‘Hello, there!’ People will be more likely to linger if they feel welcome.
  • Give large items center stage – Stuff like furniture, baby equipment and appliances – that makes them easily visible from the road and also shortens the transport for trip for anyone who wants to buy.
  • Give some stuff away for free – Create a pile of goods you know you’d be hard pressed to charge much more than a few cents for. This is a great way to get people to stop and see EVERYTHING you have to offer in addition to the free stuff!
  • Give everything a price tag …. Yes, even your old 32-piece collection of porcelain kitten knick knacks! Most people won’t bother to ask about price if something isn’t marked – they’ll just move on.
  • Price appropriately – Sure, making money from your unwanted goods is nice, but this is a garage sale. Price accordingly and if you think that anything in your collection of stuff is worth upwards of $50 or more, save it for eBay or Craigslist.
  • Put the kids to work! – A garage sale is a perfect opportunity to teach kids some valuable lessons in economics. They can help place price tags, count cash, oversee a table of their own toys and games or even set up a snack or beverage station to woo hungry browsers!

Happy garage sale-ing, Alger Heights neighbors!

For more information about the Alger Heights neighborhood, please contact Jamie Krier of Steve Volkers Group Real Estate Firm at (616) 439-4532 or [email protected] 


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