Halloween Hours in Alger Heights

October 27, 2014

It’s Trick-or-Treat Time in Alger Heights! 

Halloween will take place this year in Grand Rapids on Friday, October 31, dusk – approximately 8:00 PM, rain, snow or shine. Residents are encouraged, though certainly not required, to participate.

Whether or not you decide to open your home to trick or treaters, please be sure to exercise extra caution as you make your way in and around Alger Heights and surrounding areas on Halloween Night. We want this Halloween to be safe AND fun for all residents!


  • DRIVERS, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! We can’t say it enough … Please exercise EXTREME CAUTION when driving in around Alger Heights on Halloween Night, even after official trick or treating hours have come to a close. Many children in costume will be out and about, and the excitement of the festivities can cause even older kids who know better to be forgetful and dart out into streets without warning. Your best bet is to just stay put and enjoy a night in if possible. If not, please just be extra vigilant and drive sloooooowly through the neighborhood!
  • PARENTS & CAREGIVERS, HELP YOUR KIDS STAY SAFE! Dark costumes will be harder to see even when children are crossing the street safely, so be sure to add some reflective tape to outerwear to help your trick or treater stand out. Keep your children close to you, make sure they use the sidewalk and designated walkways and do not allow them to go dashing from house to house.
  • LIGHTS ON! If you are welcoming trick or treaters, please be sure to turn on your outdoor lights so children know it’s OK to approach your home (a flickering jack o’ lantern or some friendly Halloween decor is even better!).
  • LIGHTS OFF! If you do NOT wish to take part in trick or treating, please leave your exterior light off. (Trick or treat hours officially end at 8:00 PM, so if you’ve been participating up to this point, this would be the time to cut the lights and blow out the jack o’ lanterns! Be sure to turn your porch light back on at 9:00 PM to help keep the neighborhood safe and well lit.)
  • PARENTS & CAREGIVERS, BE GOOD STEWARDS OF HALLOWEEN ETIQUETTE! Please teach your young ones to be respectful of those who do not wish to participate and please do NOT allow them to knock or ring the doorbells to unlit homes. Remind older kids not to push in front of young ones trying to make their way (slowly) to the front doors of homes. Don’t allow children to discard candy wrappers or costume parts onto neighbors’ lawns and please teach them to be respectful of all Halloween lawn and porch displays, pumpkins, etc. Encourage them to actually say ‘Trick or Treat’ before holding out their bag and to offer a friendly THANK YOU before departing! Manners matter, after all … even on Halloween!

Happy Haunting, Everyone!

For more information about the Alger Heights neighborhood, please contact Jamie Krier of Steve Volkers Group Real Estate Firm at (616) 439-4532 or [email protected]


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