Alger Heights Welcomes Neighborhood’s First ‘Little Free Library’

October 9, 2015

Something wonderful has popped up in Alger Heights at the corner of Winchell and Martin … The neighborhood’s first ever Little Free Library!

For those who’ve never heard of such a thing, a Little Free Library is exactly what it sounds like – a little collection of books, housed in some type of portable display, all free for the borrowing! Take a book, read it return it. Check out new additions to the library when you’re out walking the dog or enjoying an evening stroll around the block. Donate your own used books …You get the idea.

The best thing about Little Free Libraries is that they are always open, always accessible, require no formal checkout system and always seem to work a wonderful kind of magic when it comes to bringing neighbors together and strengthening community ties. Everybody loves the Little Free Library – young parents with toddlers, singles, seniors and schoolkids. It’s like a happy little gift for everybody!

Little free libraries are nothing new, of course – they’ve been cropping up in neighborhoods all over the country for a number of years now. But they seem to be gaining popularity in West Michigan neighborhoods as of late. Bailey’s Grove in Kentwood has been home to an adorable house-shaped Little Free Library for a couple of years now. Book selections there change with the season, fall bringing paperback thrillers for adult readers and Halloween picture books for kids, winter months offering traditional Christmas reads while summertime finds the shelf stocked with guilty pleasure beach reads..

Back in Alger Heights, the Little Free Library is a very recent addition and very welcome one as well. “Cool!” “Love this!” “FABULOUS” were just a few of the comments posted by neighbors when a photo of the Little Free Library made its way to Facebook late in September. Look for the charming yellow box with the black roof mounted to a pole near the forked tree at the corner of Winchell and Martin, lift the adorable door by the small white knob … and get reading, Alger Heights!


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