Reasons Why We Love Alger Heights

February 20, 2017

Not only is the Alger Heights neighborhood about to join the brewery life in the fall of 2017, this family-friendly area has many beautiful, yet affordable homes. With a strong sense of community here, a friendliness between neighbors that you just don’t see everywhere these days, and a strong local business presence that inspires Steve Volkers Group to invest in the community, all make Alger Heights a great place to live.

  1. The businesses are booming- Alger Heights is up-and-coming and is starting to reflect similar characteristics as Eastown/ Heritage Hill, in it’s own way.
  2. Great school district– Plenty of options in the area for public OR private schools
  3. Alger is a very close drive to Downtown Grand Rapids
  4. Community events bring everyone together- There is a great sense of pride for homeowners in the area
  5. Alger Heights is home to some tasty eats: Check out The Old Goat, Real Food Cafe and JB’s Pizza Parlor!
  6. Lots of green space: Have you ever visited the parks in Alger Heights? There are 3 major parks you can enjoy.
  7. A diverse urban area
  8. Grocery stores are within walking distance to most homes in the community
  9. Alger Heights has an amazing library– It is a great place for children to get together & learn.
  10. Entertainment is becoming more abundant and is only minutes away- Check out the Last Chance Tavern & Grill for a date night where you can enjoy awesome drinks and games, or catch a movie at Cinemark with the family

We highly recommend Alger for any potential buyer looking for a new home. Need help? We would be happy to show you homes in the area! Contact us today.


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