Icons Coffee

June 2, 2017

Before I got into real estate, I studied creative writing in college.  I learned quickly in my first year that I wasn’t the library type. As a result, I spent a lot of time in coffee shops. I worked best in an environment with distractions; chatter, music, espresso machines, the noisier the better.  I strolled into Icons, not a cloud in the sky, on the first day of June, ready to tackle emails, scheduling, and a plan of attack for work projects.  Icons sits directly across the street from the Old Goat on Eastern Ave SE in the small, Grand Rapids neighborhood of Alger Heights.  A street side patio with red umbrellas and a propped open door welcomed me.  I was greeted by a friendly barista who suggested a toasted almond blend.  She recently brought back a quarter pound bag from a Pittsburgh coffee company called Prestogeorge.  I’d never had a toasted almond roast before but I think it’s my new favorite.  While I took advantage of the free wifi, I overheard a woman at the counter as she explained the latte she had purchased the day before.  The barista remembered what she had and promptly made it for her.  That’s the kind of connection anyone wants.  To be able to explain something and have another person say, YES! I know exactly what you want! That’s the kind of experience I’m striving to create with my clients in helping them find the right home in Alger Heights.   I’m excited to spend more days working from Icons Coffee and experiencing all Alger Heights has to offer.

Location: 2433 Eastern, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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