Heights Yoga Project

June 29, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting with Tori Dean, a yoga instructor involved with the Heights Yoga Project on a warm morning in June.  Tori and a few others have stepped up and taken over leading yoga instruction in the Alger Park neighborhood while founder, Niki Corcoran, is on maternity leave (due any day now).  Tori has been practicing yoga for ten years and received her certification in 2016 through the Cascade Yoga Studio.  In the summer of 2016, Garfield Park hosted Saturday morning yoga sessions.  This summer, sessions continue every Saturday morning from 9-10 AM.  The Alger Park community, as well as anyone else interested in yoga, is encouraged to come.  A $5 donation is all it takes to participate.  The Heights Yoga Project is hoping to find the space and funding to open a studio for the community in Alger Heights sometime in 2018.  When I asked Tori what someone who isn’t very experienced in yoga (I have a very strange center of balance, in the sense that I don’t think it actually exists) could expect, she laughed.  “There are a lot of people who perceive yoga as judgmental, but that’s not the point of yoga.  Yoga is about honoring different bodies at different times.”  Tori’s smile and definite passion to share yoga with others was enough to convince me to try a group session.  Sessions pick up after the Fourth of July holiday.  Monday nights at 7:30 PM are hosted at the Alger Park church and Saturdays in the summer at Garfield Park 9 AM-10 AM.  I look forward to meeting new people who will share in this new yoga journey with me!

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