The Community of Alger Heights

July 24, 2017

Alger Heights is a heavily desired neighborhood.  The location, the quaint homes, the tight knit community, are some of the many reasons home buyers are seeking to set roots in Alger Heights.  Last Friday, while I was out door-knocking to spread the word of an up-coming open house on Nevada, I realized I had poorly planned my attire. Not only was I wearing all black on an 87 degree day, but I had forgotten to stash my tennis shoes in my car, so all I had were the black leather wedges I was wearing, complete with a two inch heel.  I thought I could make it down and back up Edna in my wedges.  I’d spent 10 hour days in them and they hadn’t caused me any issues.  I’ve got this, I told myself, as I closed the door to my car and began my trek.  I was admiring a beautiful flower box on a cape cod style home, when a small pebble threw me off balance and my right ankle rolled.  Surprisingly, my other leg steadied myself so I didn’t completely wipe out on the side walk, but not before the damage was done.  I tried my best to walk off the discomfort in place, but it hurt to put my full weight on it.  A sweet woman in a yellow sundress, who sat on her front porch must have seen the whole thing.  “Oh honey! Come here and sit down! Let me get you some ice!” she said, rushing over to me.  “Do you want some ice tea? I’ll get you some ice tea.” And then she was gone, and I sat alone on the top step of her porch.  She came back out with a ziplock bag full of crushed ice and a tall glass of ice tea.  “This is the first time I’ve used the crushed ice button on my refrigerator!” she said as she sat next to me.  I couldn’t get over how friendly she was.  She chatted with me like we had known each other for years.  She said she moved to Alger Heights from Jenison 3 years ago, and planned on staying until her end days.  She said she had lived on the same street in Jenison for 13 years and only met the neighbors directly behind her once.  “Here, I have people falling in my yard! It’s impossible to not meet people!”  The lady had jokes, and the charm you’d expect from such a lovely neighborhood.  So here, I’d like to say thanks, to the lady in the yellow sundress, for her kindness, the ice tea, and the crushed ice.

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