Rooted Floral CO

July 24, 2017

This month, The Rooted Floral Company is celebrating their 1st anniversary.  Partners in business and friends in life, Sam Schmuker and Lindsay Laplow, met one another while working at Horrocks on Breton in Kentwood.  Now, Sam and Lindsay live in Alger Heights.  Currently, the business is being ran from the studio in Lindsay’s home but the two have big dreams of a brick and mortar location that will function in multiple ways for everyone in the Alger Heights community. Sam and Lindsay humbly stated neither had a green thumb, and when I asked if they had gardens of their own, Lindsay laughed and said, “Greens grow, weeds can be really pretty!”.  While they don’t grow the flowers they use, Sam and Lindsay are very passionate about creating arrangements that are locally sourced, “rooted” in the community around them.  For a wedding last year, Rooted Floral Co procured Dahlias from a farm in Ada.  Many of their flowers are sourced from farms in Mattawan and Kalamazoo.  “Being in the city, it’s hard to have a farm, but we still want to support the farms,” said Sam.  To find out more about Rooted Floral Company, visit and be sure to wish them a happy anniversary!

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