Meet Jen Host

September 21, 2017

The temperatures this past week suggest otherwise, but fall is around the corner. I enjoy walking along the tree lined streets of Alger Heights and listening to the crunching of the leaves beneath my fe

et.  Growing up, I walked to school.  The start of a new school year, the excitement of meeting new friends, and the way the sun hung lower in the sky, always gave me a giddy sort of feeling in my stomach.  I am reminded of that feeling as I walk the shady street to Jennifer Host’s residence.  I met Jen through another Alger Heights resident.  Jen is a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she studied and practiced Jewelry design.  Her home has that quaint and charming feel, like so many homes in Alger Heights do.  The original woodwork; framed doors, windows, and the staircase-I could spend hours admiring the staircase.  In her dining room, Jen had set up jewelry stands with pieces from her company “Grand Strands”.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms covered her table.  Her excitement in showing me her different treasures convinced me to buy three pairs of earrings.  One for my mom, one for my friend, and of course, one for me.  This fall, Jen plans to combine her Plunder products with another friend’s LuLaroe clothing shop and having a neighborhood fashion show on her street in Alger Heights.  “Strut Your Stuff” pop up Boutique will be held on Paris Ave SE on Saturday, October 7 from 6 PM- 8 PM.  If you’re an early holiday shopper, this would be an excellent way to stock up on items for friends and family, as well as help out local business owners.  Come share in the fun!

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