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  • Average Monthly Utilities or Fees

    To expedite the listing process, we ask that you find out what your average utility costs are from the past year. If unknown, please fill in the blank with "NA"
  • Before submitting this form, it would expedite the process if you had the following ready when we come to sign papers and take photos. This will help us to start marketing your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please keep in mind that you only have one chance to make a first impression to people looking at photos online. We ask you to do the 10 following steps to ensure the best marketing available!
    1. Have a spare key made so we can put it in the lockbox. If you do not want a lockbox on your home, please indicate that in the special features box above.
    2. If you are not able to be present when the photos are taken, please make arrangements to drop off the spare key to our office, or call us to inform us where the spare key could be securely hidden for our photographer, we will put that key into the key box unless you request differently.
    3. Any seasonal photos that you would want to help market your home. You can also email them to [email protected] before hand if they are in a digital format.
    4. All lights should be checked for burnouts and should be replaced if possible.
    5. Kitchen and bathroom counters should be cleared of any excess, along with de-cluttering any areas of the house that may be deemed necessary. A deep cleaning helps freshen your home and will be inviting to your buyer.
    6. Inform us of any pets in the home that we should be aware of, not only for us, but for other REALTORS© when they show your home.
    7. Please have all your vehicles out of the driveway and the garage doors shut for photos.
    8. Keep the seasons in mind. Have the sidewalk and pathways cleared of snow and salted if necessary or the lawn mowed and cleared of any leaves or debris.
    9. Let the light in. Please open all blinds and curtains to make your home seem as bright as possible.
    10. Keep an open mind. We are always looking for the next opportunity to market your home. We love what we do, and we can't wait to see what we can do for you!
  • Please do the simple math above and put the answer in the box
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